The approach he took personal seductiveness in Sheena Bora case, Rakesh Maria was seeking to be axed

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Rakesh Maria was seasoned adequate military officer to know a problem of blending adult personal priorities with veteran duties. A 1981 collection IPS officer, Maria was indiscreet  on many counts.

Maria’s evinced low personal seductiveness in a Sheena Bora murder box like we have not seen a trainer of any other civil military force do in any other partial of a nation in new memory.

His vicinity to Peter Mukherjea and his family is good famous in a media circles, generally Page 3 circles.

But removing tighten to a case, in that he should have indeed kept an arm’s length, was not his usually indiscretion. He took personal impasse to another level. He privately interrogated a accused, a pursuit that is left to a squalid IO (investigating officer). As if that was not enough, Maria, famous for his gusto for media spotlight, briefed a media privately on a unchanging basement as if a Sheena Bora murder box was a finish of crime in Mumbai.

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria. PTIFormer Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria. PTI

Former Mumbai Police Commissioner Rakesh Maria. PTI

He righteously warranted a madness of domestic bosses who were positively wakeful of Maria’s overzealous seductiveness in a case. But it would be wrong to assume that a Sheena Bora murder box usually hermetic his fate. His name evoked frowns from domestic masters over his assembly with Lalit Modi in London. Though he was spared since a Lalit Modi box inextricable many tip leaders, Maria was put on watch. The Sheena Bora murder valid a matter in his ouster.

Perhaps Maria would have finished improved if he had exercised counsel as improved partial of valour. He would certainly have been wakeful of how CBI executive Ranjit Sinha was put in a dog residence by a courts and a supervision for blending adult a private and a official. Sinha was indicted of giving private assembly to certain indicted in a clothe of ‘setting a burglar to locate a thief. The Supreme Court did not consider most about Sinha reason and pronounced he had no business to be in hold with a indicted but a believe of a questioning officer.

So what caused Maria to take such keen, roughly overzealous seductiveness in a case? When was a final time that a military commissioner sat privately in a 12-hour inquire of a primary accused? we remember a review we had with a former crime bend corner commissioner when a military arrested Bollywood writer Bharat Shah for his purported links with a underworld. we asked this officer a following day (after Shah was in control overnight) if he had met/interrogated Shah. He laughed In my face. “I will never give an indicted a grace of such a meeting. Nobody other than a questioning officer will even see him in close up.”

That’s how normal interrogations and investigations proceed. So what was so special about Sheena Bora case? Why was Maria so meddlesome in it to take out so most time privately as if zero else mattered that led to an open reprove from a Chief Minister that while he appreciated a swell in this case, he would like that a military to gave such priority to all rapist cases?

Why did Maria announce that he would record a chargesheet before september 30, a date he was ostensible to be towering to DG and changed out of Mumbai military HQ? What was a good hurry? Did he not trust his inheritor to do a good job? Or did he have some special interest? These and many some-more questions will haunt Maria in time to come.