The uncanny and different life of Lalit Modi: Life lessons from his online avatar

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Lalit Modi is in the eye of a nonetheless another controversy, though that isn’t interlude him from being a his standard confident self on amicable media.

Lalit Modi. ReutersLalit Modi. Reuters

Ex-IPL arch Lalit Modi. Reuters

On Monday, he declared a full-blown ‘war’ opposite his detractors on Twitter, warning them of marvellous disclosures observant it was his ‘turn to get all out.’ He also certain us that a ‘storm was about to hit’ and that ‘the games have only begun’ in a array of tweets, screenshots and emojis that were meant to dominate his opponents.

This isn’t a initial time that a former IPL arch has used amicable media to put brazen his mostly assertive views. Modi, who seems to be vital a good life abroad if his amicable media accounts are anything to go by, is in a robe of uploading a highlights of his life on his Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Thus we know in that pleasing unfamiliar nation he is in and with that general luminary he is partying. And in between all a typical-teenager form photographs of food, scenery, motivational quotes, family and hashtags, a male of a moment manages to learn us a few things as well.

Here are a life lessons we have schooled from the weird and different life of Lalit Modi on amicable media.

Love your family, a small too much, maybe

A vast cube of Modi’s Instagram feed is all about amatory his family. He has uploaded several photographs showing his mother Minal, son Ruchir and daughter Aliya along with cutesy captions. and loads of amatory hashtags. But Modi’s adore for his family extends to his extended family as well, as seen from a sketch display his ‘hot sisters-in-laws’.

With my #Jaans @ruchirmodi and @aliyamodi though #missing my baby @karimaburman aboard @vistajet to #Havana for #minalmodi

A print posted by Lalit Modi (@lalitkmodi) on Jun 6, 2015 during 12:28pm PDT

  My #hot #sisterinlaws @priyaaswani7 @kavitachellaram with my #angel #wife #minalmodi during #ashwingrover and #Ria #wedding in #Venice #italy #pamelagrover #timmygrover   A print posted by Lalit Modi (@lalitkmodi) on Jun 13, 2015 during 10:25am PDT


Real globe-trotters always have really possess journo posse… of one, as in Rajdeep Sardesai

You know we have done it when tip reporters fly to a unfamiliar locality only to speak to you. After a Sushma Swaraj- Lalit Modi debate pennyless out, many reporters would have given anything to speak to a man, though a propitious leader was Rajdeep Sardesai who will be drifting to ‘beautiful Montenegro’ to speak to Modi.


Forget wine, it is some-more critical to be a expert of compliments

Lalit Modi’s online feed shows us that it is intensely critical to let a universe know what a universe consider of you. Or in his case, to let amicable media know what news media thinks about you. Hence, he uploads all screenshots of all a news stories that uncover him in a certain light and even those that disprove his opponents. Because who doesn’t adore compliments?

1/6 a #story expected to #change a approach one #sees a #sports #federation today. #ICC #bcci #cricket #global.

A print posted by Lalit Modi (@lalitkmodi) on Apr 30, 2015 during 6:01am PDT

@LalitKModi: Once again grateful to The Honorable High Court for there timely intervention. In a finish law always prevails – A print posted by Lalit Modi (@lalitkmodi) on Mar 12, 2015 during 4:41am PDT


Those who can’t read, only emoji, baby! For example: Look, Arnab is a monkey

After Arnab Goswami went postal stating a ‘Modigate’ controversy, Lalit Modi tweeted out a array of Whatsapp screenshots about his exchanges with Harini Rana, a sports reporters with Goswami’s channel. The review showed him job her trainer ‘a large fat monkey’ that he reinforced with a series of gorilla emojis. Emoji overkill seems to be a robe with Modi as his tweets about his press matter had explosve and TV emojis in it, referring to a ‘bombshell’ that we could see on TV.


Black people are a brothers, or sisters, in this case.

One demeanour during Modi’s Instagram feed and you’ll see that he has partied with a lot of general celebrities and done certain that a universe knows all about it interjection to his unchanging updates. But what stands out in his photographs is not Paris Hilton or Kevin Spacey, though him referring to supermodel Naomi Campbell as ‘sister’ on a series of occasions.

With a #indian bear with sister @iamnaomicampbell in #HAVANA #cuba in a #square in a #marina A print posted by Lalit Modi (@lalitkmodi) on Feb 26, 2015 during 2:55pm PST

Killing it in Cuba with sis and squad #naomicampbell #parishilton

A print posted by Lalit Modi (@lalitkmodi) on Feb 26, 2015 during 2:52pm PST


Inspirational quote? Sex joke? Sometimes it’s sooooo tough to decide.

Sometimes all we need to feel improved after a tough is to review some inspirational words, during other times we need a bit of humour. And Lalit Modi has copiousness of both to explain judging from his Instagram feed.

In #life one needs to #forgive and pierce on – though in #life #mantra of cave is this.

A print posted by Lalit Modi (@lalitkmodi) on May 27, 2015 during 8:11am PDT

Just saw this in #Nairobi – we theory this is #serious approach of holding caring of #offenders #Kenya we am certain it contingency be operative for them.

A print posted by Lalit Modi (@lalitkmodi) on Dec 20, 2014 during 5:49am PST