The breeze turbines during Østerild do not change a birds negatively

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The bird life tighten to a breeze turbines during a National Centre for Large Wind Turbines in Østerild is not shabby negatively by a 7 existent breeze turbines. That is a end from a new investigate carried out by Danish Centre For Environment And Energy (DCE).

The roving birds and bats in a area hedge a wings of a breeze turbines, and so a breeze turbines do not worry a roving birds in a area.

Peter Hjuler Jensen, Deputy Head of Department during DTU Wind Energy welcomes a new report:

”The breeze turbine during Østerild is an critical bottom for investigate in sequence to urge a breeze turbines in a future. However, it contingency not be during a responsibility of a Danish wildlife, and we are therefore gratified that nonetheless another investigate shows, that a breeze turbines are not damaging for birdlife during a exam centre.”

Previous studies have also shown that bats in a area have benefited from a many new H2O holes that a Nature Agency has done nearby a breeze turbines. A consult has also been done of a exam centre’s impact on plant life. Here, it is clear that new grasses, herbs, mosses and sprouts widespread where there was a hunger forest.

The exam centre to be expanded
Earlier this year, a infancy of Danish Parliament concluded to enhance a National Test Centre for Large Wind Turbines during Østerild. Today, 7 breeze turbines are placed in Østerild, though in a future, a series will arise to 9 breeze turbines.

Source: DTU