Theater sharpened prosecutors rest after romantic case

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By SADIE GURMAN, Associated Press

CENTENNIAL, Colo. (AP) — Prosecutors in a Colorado museum sharpened hearing complacent Friday, final their justification that James Holmes methodically designed and executed a 2012 electrocute in a box that relied heavily on victims’ recollections of a destruction he inflicted inside a darkened cinema.

Over a past 8 weeks, prosecutors weaved experts’ testimony with survivors’ personal stories to try to remonstrate jurors that Holmes was lucid when he non-stop glow on a midnight display of a Batman film. The former neuroscience tyro killed 12 people and bleeding 70.

For a final witness, a charge called a survivor whose story was among a many heart-wrenching. Ashley Moser was inept and suffered a miscarriage in a shooting, and her 6-year-old daughter, Veronica, was killed.

The soft-spoken Moser testified from her wheelchair, regulating a hankie to clean divided tears as she removed a attack.

She pronounced it started with an blast and something spewing gas behind her, afterwards splendid lights flashed during a front of a room. Moser insincere pranksters were environment off fireworks, and she stood adult to take her daughter’s palm and leave.

“Did her palm strech back?” District Attorney George Brauchler asked.

“It only slipped by my hand,” she replied.

Moser afterwards felt a pain in her chest. She pronounced she fell on tip of her daughter and couldn’t move.

“I listened a film still personification and people great and screaming,” Moser said, vaguely recalling being carried out of a theater. She schooled after that her daughter was dead.

As Moser testified only feet away, Holmes stared true ahead, somewhat swiveling in his chair.

Prosecutors complacent their box after display Veronica’s kindergarten graduation picture, a final of hundreds of images displayed for a jury on large-screen TVs. Jurors listened from some-more than 200 witnesses, including some-more than 70 sharpened survivors.

Defense attorneys sought to extent victims’ testimony, endangered that hideous sum would foul disposition a jury. Judge Carlos A. Samour Jr. has regularly reminded jurors not to let magnetism lean them.

Victims and family members filled a gallery Friday to observe. Several hugged and thanked prosecutors once a jury was discharged for a day.

Defense lawyers shortly will start job their possess psychiatrists and presenting other justification to disagree Holmes was in a grips of a crazy part during a time of a shootings and should be found not guilty by reason of insanity. They devise to start their box Thursday.

Holmes’ attorneys says his mental illness rendered him incompetent to tell right from wrong, a pivotal cause a jury contingency cruise in last if he was sane. They contend Holmes should be committed to a state mental hospital.

Prosecutors are seeking a genocide penalty.

Holmes deserted a prestigious connoisseur module during a University of Colorado-Denver before he non-stop glow during a suburban Denver museum where some-more than 400 people were examination “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Prosecutors showed jurors scarcely 21 hours of Holmes’ videotaped interviews with a state-appointed psychiatrist who resolved Holmes was severely mentally ill though legally lucid during a time of a shooting.

On a video, Holmes pronounced he felt zero as he took aim during journey moviegoers. Halting and awkward, he blurted out that he feared being stopped from committing what he concurred was a crime.

Prosecutors also played for jurors an investigator’s video of a shooting’s aftermath. It showed bodies wedged between rows of seats and sprawled via aisles amid spent ammunition, spilled popcorn and blood.

Holmes’ classmates, a former partner and dual psychiatrists who treated him all testified they knew zero of his devise or that he was convention an arsenal of weapons and adequate chemicals to supply his unit into a potentially fatal butt trap.