There Are Many Ways To Illustrate Books, But None So Breathtaking As These

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Artist Su Blackwell illustrates books. That competence not sound really unusual, though Blackwell’s illustrations spin books into detailed, vivid scenes — utterly literally. That’s since a art she creates is done regulating a books themselves, a pages cut, folded, and pasted into intricate, three-dimensional scenes that constraint not usually a narrative, though a feeling of a books.

To Kill A Mockingbird, 2015

iTo Kill A Mockingbird/i, 2015

Su Blackwell

To Kill A mockingbird (detail), 2015

iTo Kill A mockingbird/i (detail), 2015

Su Blackwell

Using strategically placed lighting, a scenes heat with middle light that’s during once comfortable and lonely. Blackwell is drawn to unique places, like a forests, coastlines, and removed houses that make adult so many folklore and angel story stories. She uses minimal tone to stress certain items, though for a many part, a images keep a black and white imitation pattern, with figure and hardness identifying them. Wires reason adult some pieces, creation them seem to boyant in midair.

The Stork Wife, 2014

iThe Stork Wife/i, 2014

Su Blackwell

Treasure Island, 2013

iTreasure Island/i, 2013

Su Blackwell

The Little Prince, 2012

iThe Little Prince/i, 2012

Su Blackwell

Red Riding Hood, 2010

iRed Riding Hood/i, 2010

Su Blackwell

If her work seems a bit unsettling, it’s since Blackwell intends for it to be so, and strives to constraint a full operation of tension lonesome by a stories. “I tend to gaunt towards immature lady characters, fixation them in haunting, frail settings, expressing a disadvantage of childhood, while also conveying a clarity of childhood stress and wonder,” she explains. “There is a still unhappy in a work, decorated in a element used, and choice of pointed color.”

The Last Unicorn, 2012

iThe Last Unicorn/i, 2012

Su Blackwell

The Master and Margarita, 2014

iThe Master and Margarita/i, 2014

Su Blackwell

The Lighthouse Keeper’s Cottage, 2014

iThe Lighthouse Keeper's Cottage/i, 2014

Su Blackwell

The Dark is Rising, 2014

iThe Dark is Rising/i, 2014

Su Blackwell

Wild Flowers of a British Isles, 2013

iWild Flowers of a British Isles/i, 2013

Su Blackwell

Some of them, like this book on furious flowers, are reduction emotionally formidable and some-more a jubilee of tone and form.

As is always a box when artists carve adult books, some people competence consider it’s a rubbish of entertaining material. However, many of a books that Blackwell uses are second-hand, prehistoric printings, frequency singular or collector’s items. She reads any book, infrequently twice, in sequence to rightly constraint it in sculpture. She also uses a drop of a books as a approach of creation a point. “I occupy this delicate, permitted middle and use irreversible, mortal processes to simulate on a precariousness of a universe we live and a infirmity of a life, dreams and ambitions,” she says.

Matilda, 2014

iMatilda/i, 2014

Su Blackwell

The Ice Maiden, 2014

iThe Ice Maiden/i, 2014

Su Blackwell

(via My Modern Met)

You can see some-more of Blackwell’s artwork, including non-literary works, on her website, where we can also squeeze prints of her work.

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