These 7 Amazing Videos Show How Different Makeup Styles Can Be Worldwide

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With increasing entrance to others and other cultures, makeup and makeup products are increasingly accessible opposite a globe.

Brands are stability to enhance outward of their strange markets, creation this a unequivocally sparkling time for beauty trends in a world. we myself am no makeup guru. In fact, many days we can find me sporting small to none, yet we adore to use it when we dress up. That’s what creates makeup an extraordinary form of self expression.

As it turns out, it can also be a form of informative self expression. Because American renouned enlightenment is so widespread around a world, we maybe don’t consider adequate about a beauty and makeup practices of people in other countries. Seeing makeup artists request a looks side-by-side, however, is unequivocally enlightening. Here are 7 opposite countries’ makeup looks compared to what we’re used to in a U.S.A.

1. American vs. French by Christen Dominique

American vs. French by a href= target=_blankChristen Dominique/a

Screenshot Youtube / Christen Dominique


Youtube / Christen Dominique

French makeup tends to be some-more subtle, generally around a eyes and brows. This artist used 6 or 7 opposite eyeshadow shades when operative on a American side, yet she usually used one on a French. When it comes to lips, though, that’s where a French get bold. Check out that crimson red!