These Absolute Geniuses Started Petting Lions. Just Guess What Happened Next.

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It’s common clarity to know that participating in certain dangerous acts will many expected outcome in possibly damage or death. Still, there are copiousness of people peaceful to try them, like these guys.

Welsh general rugby kinship actor Scott Baldwin was in South Africa final week since his team, a Ospreys, were scheduled to play opposite a Cheetahs on Sep 29. Unfortunately, he had to lay a diversion out since of a reticent choice he done during a internal wildlife reserve. He and other group members were visiting a integrate of lions and for whatever reason, motionless to pet them by a bars. It finished about as good as you’d expect.

I’m no consultant on lions or anything, though maybe we shouldn’t take growling as an invitation to hold them?

(via Daily Mail)

Baldwin had to get stitches during a hospital, though he’s differently fine. His coach, Steve Tandy, pronounced it best: “I don’t know what arrange of wildlife uncover Scott has been examination where we can pat a lion on a conduct as if it’s a kitten.”