These Adorable Orphaned Bears Are Really Enjoying Their Delicious, Appley Snacks

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Feast your eyes on these baby bears…enjoying a feast.

Shared by a Northern Lights Wildlife Society on Facebook, this video shows a organisation of black bear cubs relaxing and enjoying some juicy apples…and they aren’t a usually loose ones. we never knew examination bushy animals chomping down on treats could be so therapeutic.

The darling brief shave was posted by a animal institution to appreciate donors who have donated income or food to build a new bear enclosure.


Northern Lights is holding caring of these orphaned cuties until they’re prepared to be expelled behind into a wild. In a 26 years given their foundation, a classification has helped rehabilitate some-more than 370 bears. These apple-snacking cubs (most of whom were orphaned due to car collisions) will be expelled behind into a furious in Jun of subsequent year to sync with a timing they would naturally leave their mothers.

If we wish to assistance Northern Lights Wildlife Society with their critical work, afterwards we can present here.