These Construction Workers Gave A Sick Little Girl The Gift Of Friendship

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Construction workers get a repute for being flattering tough dudes. They work in all sorts of weather, impact hammers into things, and lift complicated things all day. It’s a really macho job. But even a many macho male has a soothing side. That’s really a box for dual construction workers in St. Louis, Missouri.

Travis Barnes and Greg Combs were operative on a construction plan opposite a travel from a children’s hospital, and they done a indicate to call during a kids any day. But one day, a tiny lady motionless to call back.

That is Vivian Keith, and she’s undergoing diagnosis for strident lymphoblastic leukemia.

That is Vivian Keith, and she's undergoing diagnosis for strident lymphoblastic leukemia.

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Vivian’s usually couple to a outward universe was looking out a window during a construction workers. They began to call to any other any day, and after a few months, they were all means to meet.

For some-more on this heartwarming story, check out a video below:

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The tiny things can make a biggest impact. These construction workers are clever guys, though tiny Vivian has a opposite kind of strength. It’s transparent that when it comes to this doubtful crew, there’s copiousness of impulse to go around.