These Cops Were Put In Harm’s Way, But Not The Way You’d Expect (Think: Smelly)

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We’ve all felt stranded between a self-evident stone and a tough place, though when this bad baby skunk got his conduct trapped in a cup, a feeling was a bit some-more literal.

Luckily, some buddies from a Flagstaff Police Department came by to lend him a hand. Of course, they had to make certain they directed transparent of his sharp spray. The raging small man wasn’t unequivocally certain what was going on and done things somewhat difficult, though in a finish he was finally means to ambience honeyed freedom.


“Oh, no. Not again…”

Oh, no. Not again...

Facebook / Flagstaff Police Department

Hopefully he remembers this difficulty a subsequent time he’s tempted by giveaway snacks. Nothing tastes as good as leisure feels!