These Foods Are Considered Chinese Delicacies, But We Recommend Going With Your Gut

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Let me start off by observant that we really can’t explain to be a foodie, given I’ve flattering most usually eaten Eggo waffles for a past dual weeks. In fact, I’ve been picked on for utterly some time now for my miss of culinary curiosity. we suspect that we only suffer adhering to what we know and love.

And formed on Kevin Munns’ Chinese food blog, we have never been some-more assured about my bent to stay in that comfort zone. In other words, we substantially won’t be means to make me “l’eggo my Eggo.” Once we see these foods, you’ll know why.

1. Dried starfish

Dried starfish

Kevin Munns

2. Dried chicken

Dried chicken

Kevin Munns

It’s additional crispy.

3. Dried octopus

Dried octopus

Kevin Munns

I’m seeing a trend.

4. Dried lizard

Dried lizard

Kevin Munns

5. Pig colon

Pig colon

Kevin Munns

6. Pig ears

Pig ears

Kevin Munns

7. Pig stomach

Pig stomach

Kevin Munns

8. Pig brain

Pig brain

Kevin Munns

Well, during slightest we know that they’re not wasteful.

9. Pig heart

Pig heart

Kevin Munns

10. Pigeon


Kevin Munns

11. Turtle soup

Turtle soup

Kevin Munns

12. Snails


Kevin Munns

13. Duck tongue

Duck tongue

Kevin Munns

14. Frogs


Kevin Munns

15. Congealed steep blood

Congealed steep blood

Kevin Munns

16. Duck intestines

Duck intestines

Kevin Munns

17. Eels


Kevin Munns

I know that I’m ostensible to want to try new things, though I’m going to have to side with my tummy on this one…which means that we won’t be immoderate anything else’s courage in a nearby future.