These Kids Thought Their Cat Was Dead, But Watch Them Tearfully Reunite!

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What started as a fun Christmas vacation for one family finished in heartbreak final month when they returned home and schooled their dear cat, Gunther, had left blank while they were away.

To make matters even worse, their internal animal control after told them Gunther had died. Devastated by a loss, a dual children and their relatives found comfort in adopting a new kitten. Little did they know that their presumably defunct black and white pool would lapse a day later!

As it turns out, animal control had identified a wrong cat! Gunther was still really most alive, as a kids detected when they came home from propagandize one day. Watch their weeping reunion below.

(via Daily Mail)

What a heartwarming finish to such a clearly comfortless story. Here’s anticipating Gunther will get along with a kitten.