These Potholes Are Decorated With Really Cute Rocket Ships…Right? RIGHT?

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Potholes. Everyone hates them, and this cancer of a streets always seems to cocktail adult faster than people can fill it all in.

In some neighborhoods, however, it takes approach too prolonged for these annoyances to be bound — that is, if they ever get bound during all. People vital in this California village got totally fed adult when their pothole-filled travel stayed that approach for what they contend is a prolonged time, so they found a hilariously inapt approach to make it unfit for a city to disremember a problem.

Well, that’s one (huge) approach to get attention!


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I don’t censure these people during all. In fact, we extol them for not usually creation me laugh, though for perplexing to get a city to residence these nuisances. Share if you’d cruise doing a same in their situation!