These Surreal Sculptures Might Disturb You, But They’re Also Oddly Fascinating

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Celebrating a delight of life by formulating art out of passed animals seems flattering counterintuitive, yet when London-based artist Polly Morgan does it, we can see only how most clarity that preference makes.

Morgan started regulating taxidermy in her work in a early 2000s, and her sculptures arrangement recorded animals organised into surreal and somewhat discouraging scenes that try a karma of death. At a same time, her work examines a new life that springs out of death, and a delay of a life cycle in a intertwined relations that exist among all vital things.

Coming into Nothing

emComing into Nothing/em

Polly Morgan

Hanging in a Balance

iHanging in a Balance/i

Polly Morgan

Sometimes Something Happens

iSometimes Something Happens/i

Polly Morgan

Myocardial Infarction

iMyocardial Infarction/i

Polly Morgan

Some of her pieces are strange, like a chicks rising from a phone receiver. The little worlds combined for other creatures underneath potion bell jars are sensitively unsettling. Others are most some-more abdominal and disconcerting, like a flocks of little birds rising from a deer carcass, or a passed pig erupting with flush fungus.

Though images like these competence make us wince, Morgan’s vigilant is indeed to showcase a delight of life. Even yet a creatures she uses are really most dead, their participation creates us suppose them as they were in life, so gripping their memories alive. In other cases, like in a pig piece, a scenes Morgan sets uncover how a passed are recycled by inlet to emanate new life.



Polly Morgan

Hide and Fight

iHide and Fight/i

Polly Morgan

To Every Seed His Own Body

emTo Every Seed His Own Body/em

Polly Morgan

Sometimes on a Sunday

iSometimes on a Sunday/i

Polly Morgan



Polly Morgan

Still Birth (Red)

iStill Birth (Red)/i

Polly Morgan

Some Sad Story

iSome Sad Story/i

Polly Morgan



Polly Morgan

Though she complicated taxidermy with a professional, Morgan is not meddlesome in apropos a normal taxidermist. Instead of posing a animals in naturalistic settings, she introduces their manipulated forms into surreal scenes. She infrequently cuts them detached and uses pieces of a bodies for an even foreigner effect.

Friends and fans send her animals from all over a world. These animals are found already defunct — customarily as roadkill — and are afterwards used by Morgan in her pieces. No animals are spoiled in a creation of this art.



Polly Morgan

The Fall

iThe Fall/i

Polly Morgan

Carrion Call

iCarrion Call/i

Polly Morgan



Polly Morgan



Polly Morgan

Still Birth (Black)

iStill Birth (Black)/i

Polly Morgan

Stacked Against Us

iStacked Against Us/i

Polly Morgan

(via DesignTaxi, Beautiful/Decay)

You can see some-more of Morgan’s work, that includes creosote and steel sculptures, drawings, and a lot of snakes, on her website. You can also follow her creations on Instagram and Facebook.