These Veterans Are Here To Tell You What’s Really Happening In Puerto Rico Right Now

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If you’re only listening to what a sovereign supervision is saying, we competence be underneath a sense that service in Puerto Rico is going well.

Puerto Rico recently gifted finish extinction during a hands of Hurricane Maria. Puerto Rico is a domain of a United States, and a people who live there are full American citizens. Unlike a responses to Hurricanes Harvey and Irma on a mainland U.S., service efforts have been delayed and ineffective. Some of a assistance we’re told is ongoing includes providing food to families influenced and commencement to rebuild. But what’s unequivocally happening?

A group of twelve veterans is volunteering their time to assistance Puerto Rico, and they have a lot to contend about what they’re saying on a ground.

From food quantities to quality, these veterans are wondering what a holdup is when it comes to assisting a Puerto Ricans they see each day.

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They also brawl reports that a Puerto Rican officials and National Guard aren’t doing their best. They’re assisting families each day, though reserve have run short.

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Ultimately, they’re committed to their goal and are vagrant that a red fasten be cut so reserve can be distributed.

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