They Might Look Like Small Tornados, But They’re Something Much Much Worse

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If there is one thing about summer (besides sunburns) that creates life difficult, it’s mosquitoes. No one likes them and if we contend we do we know you’re possibly fibbing or you’re a spider. Well, if an removed butterfly can hurt your evening, what do we consider a verbatim hurricane of them are able of?

While butterfly hurricane sounds like a name of a terrible punk stone rope or made-for-TV Syfy movie, they do indeed occur in inlet from time to time. They are decidedly rare, and researchers aren’t certain because they happen, though we can gamble they are terrifying.

Just take a demeanour during these butterfly tornados speckled nearby nightfall in a Russian city of Yekaterinburg.


(via Mysterious Universe)

That is freaky as hell. Luckily this man was pushing by on a highway rather than walking by a woods. we can’t suppose how terrible entrance face-to-face with one of these things contingency be.