They Said Their Baby Was Missing. Then The Police Looked Under Their Couch.

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One of a many offensive things that can occur to a primogenitor is carrying their child go missing.

The raging worry can be all-consuming, and we never know when (or if) your baby will come behind home. Waiting and not meaningful is so hard, generally when you’ve looked everywhere we can consider of already. That’s allegedly what a relatives of 16-month-old Semaj Crosby pronounced they were going by when they couldn’t find her. They called a military to help, though what they found is even some-more disturbing.

Police searched a home for Semaj Crosby, and they found her underneath a couch. She had died there with no manifest injuries.

Facebook / Where is baby Kate?

Police are conducting a “suspicious death” investigation, and new reports uncover that a conditions inside a home where a small lady was found were totally disgusting.

Facebook / Where is baby Kate?

“The whole structure seemed unwholesome since of a heavily contaminated carpets, walls, rubbish and [it] contains a critical grade of filth,” an examiner remarkable in her report.

Facebook / Where is baby Kate?