They Set Up 40 Treadmills In One Room — What They Did With Them Is Totally Epic

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Treadmills have turn staples in many people’s practice regimens. They’re adult there with dais presses and squats when it comes to sustaining things we can do during a gym. But some people find a classical cardio appurtenance to be a bit vapid and tedious since you’re only using in one place…you’re literally not going anywhere.

Well, these folks positively figured out a approach to piquancy adult their treadmill workout. Holy moly!

(source NordicTrack)

That’ll get your heart racing and your calories burning. It’ll get your blood pumping at least since you’ll be fearful to tumble off a relocating treadmill.

This really takes some pointing to master…in other words, we wouldn’t try it during home. (But if we do, greatfully fasten it and send it to us!)


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