They Were On A Ride At Disney When They Saw Something Odd. Then The Robot Yelled!

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In his some-more than 20 years in Hollywood, Johnny Depp has played only about each impression we can imagine.

But while we competence famous him for his roles as a Mad Hatter or Willy Wonka, nothing of Depp’s characters have garnered some-more adore than his description of Captain Jack Sparrow in a “Pirates of a Caribbean” franchise.

To assistance foster a arriving recover of a subsequent movie, Depp laced adult his boots and dressed in full bandit clothe to warn some gullible visitors during Disneyland. Watch what happens when a float starts!

Their faces are priceless!


They contend Disneyland is one of a happiest places on Earth and this only about proves it. Share this overwhelming video with any swashbuckling bandit lovers or Johnny Depp fans that we might know.