They Were Trying To Rob A Girl One Night…Who Turned Out To Be A Trained Fighter

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Robbing someone is a unequivocally terrible thing to do, either you’re violation into someone’s home or hidden from them on a street. Taking advantage of people and holding a things that they worked tough to buy is so disgusting, yet a unhappy existence is that these criminals customarily get divided with it.

Not this time, though. In Brazil, one mugging took an engaging spin when a span of thieves messed with a wrong woman. They suspicion they would take her purse and get divided with it, yet there was one unequivocally critical thing that they apparently did not know about her.

They were perplexing to sack a lerned MMA fighter.

They were perplexing to sack a lerned MMA fighter.


Monique Bastos pulled out all a cruel stops when they attempted to take her things.

Watch a whole thing go down in a video below:

Crime apparently doesn’t compensate in a end, and we never unequivocally know who you’re traffic with. Bastos even managed to catch a would-be robbers until military arrived. Now that is a lady we don’t wish to disaster with.