Things You Need to Know Before Buying Samsung S8 / S8+

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After a hardware fear that Samsung encountered a few months back, now they are carrying a comeback. Samsung has finally launched a new serve to a Galaxy series. With a lot of smartphones entrance in a store, Samsung done certain that Galaxy S8 will close each aspirant down. From a new face to a new features, Galaxy S8 is, adult to date, a many innovative smartphone of 2017.

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Below are some of a few things about Galaxy S8 phone that everybody should know. There are a lot of categorical features. However, there is no declaration that it is a best facilities for a smartphone. Though Samsung done certain that Galaxy S8 design will mount out, here are some of a things that uplift Galaxy S8 in a smartphone game.

1. Everyone’s new friend, Bixby.

Alongside with a recover of Galaxy S8 is a birth of Bixby, Samsung’s possess intelligent built-in digital assistant. Bixby is a lot opposite from others since it aims to support each charge that is on a touchscreen.

Samsung designed Bixby not usually for voice command, yet it also functions regulating a camera. Bixby also comes with a hardware button. 

 2.The entrance of a Infinity Display.

Samsung’s displays are always a best among others. This year, Samsung didn’t destroy to warn a market. They step adult a diversion for a new arrangement that visually shows a full length of a smartphone. Samsung called it Infinity Display, and indeed a new visible arrangement will lead a new generations of smartphones.

The Galaxy S8 supports a adult to date video standards that are usually accessible to televisions. Samsung managed to increase their shade by regulating a Infinity Display. Almost 80% of a phone is done adult of a display.

Samsung S8 and S8+ has an unconstrained display, so people can’t see where a potion started and where it ends. The Infinity Display is a important success for Samsung.

3. New processes of authentication

Each smartphone has their authentication like pins and patterns, yet Samsung once again took a step further. The retina iris scanner changes a diversion as it facilities in Galaxy S8 as a new biometric authentication.

Samsung also combined a quick facial approval authentication, yet some Android has been regulating it for years now. However, a usually thing that it differs from others is that it is quick – a blink-of-an-eye speed.

 4. Goodbye, home button.

Galaxy S7 featured fingerprint touch, yet with Galaxy S8, Samsung wanting a home symbol and eliminated a fingerprint scanner on a behind subsequent to a camera lens. As Samsung says goodbye to a home button, they acquire a practical one.

Galaxy S8 and S8+ has no earthy home symbol yet rather a practical home button. Samsung remade into a purify and neat chronicle by removing absolved of a viewed hindrances. The new home symbol when pulpy gives a haptic feedback as a response.

Samsung done outrageous changes both in a earthy and program aspects to showcase an innovative phone of a new era.

5. The Galaxy S8 still has an earphone jock.

Yes, S8 and S8+ still defended a 3.5 mm earphone jock. No need to worry about wearing wireless earbuds, Samsung still haven’t let go of a wires.

6. It is still waterproof.

Okay, that is not new news yet still a good thing. Galaxy S8 and S8+ are both still waterproof.

7. Better outward and best inside.

Galaxy is indeed a heading smartphone expelled in 2017, during a moment. Besides a bezel-less arrangement and retina iris scanner feature, a Galaxy S8 and S8+ are also jam packaged with some critical firepower inside. Both smartphones have a latest Snapdragon 835 SoC inside. However other markets will have a home-grown Exynos 8895 chip.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 that is 5.8-inch and S8+ that is 6.2-inch both have Super AMOLED displays that are vigour sensitive. Also, it has QHD+ arrangement resolutions that are 2400 x 2960 pixels. Both a smartphones will be 4GB of RAM while South Korea and China will have 6GB RAM variants. It will also run on Android 7.0 Nougat.


Samsung combined tons of new facilities to their new flagship. With a latest creation packaged inside and outward a Galaxy S8 and S8+, a cost of a phone can get a small crazy as well.

Written by Iman Bahrani, CEO and Founder of, an Expert SEO in Brisbane. 

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