This A Cappella Version Of ‘Hotel California’ Is Dope, And The Guy In Red KILLS IT

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“Hotel California” is one of a many iconic stone songs of a 1970s. The Eagles expelled this masterpiece in 1977, and you’d be hard-pressed to find anyone currently who hasn’t listened it during slightest once. From a dim definition behind a lyrics to a now tangible riffs, this jam has it all.

But you’ve never listened it like this.

These 6 organisation shaped an a cappella organisation and motionless not usually to do a cover of a song, though to hit it way out of a park.

If a suspicion of blank out on that famous guitar solo bums we out, have no fear. Just keep watching.


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That man can severely shred, and he doesn’t even need a guitar to do it! It takes so most work to reinvent a dear strain like this, and these guys pulled it off beautifully.