This Avid Sleep-Talker Recorded Her Conversation With A Ghost

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Redditor LOCK1Z, a sleep-talker, recently took it on herself to record what she pronounced during night for her possess records.

After listening behind to one recording, a lady suspicion she listened another chairman articulate in a background…something that should be impossible, saying as how she was home alone that night. Was it a box of technological blunder or was LOCK1Z carrying a review with someone from a good beyond?

In this audio clip, LOCK1Z can be listened mumbling, though who or what is she articulate to?

Did we locate that? If not, here are a removed vocals:

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The Redditor who removed a sound said, “I’ve run a audio record by a processor and sampled a spirit’s voice. My interpretation is ‘ga’seeth rothe.'” What do we think? Was she alone or was there a suggestion unresolved out nearby?

I’ve deliberate recording my possess sleep-talking, though after conference that, we consider I’ll live in blithe ignorance.