This Baby Elephant Just Wants To Play With Her Doggy Friend

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When babies start to travel on their own, it’s a large occasion. They fast learn to adore their newfound independence, though with that autonomy comes measureless responsibility. And they don’t caring about any of that…because they’re babies. They’ll take each event they can to get into trouble.

This doesn’t usually request to tellurian babies. The second this small elephant started deviate from mom, she wanted her dog crony to join in on a fun. The usually problem was that a puppy was in a center of a nap. No matter! A accessible poke would do a trick.

What a changed friendship! They’re an peculiar couple, that’s for sure. One is rambunctious, and a other needs a small beauty nap after lunch, though they make a lovable pair. These small opposites clearly attracted, and we wish that they’re carrying lots of fun playdates now that baby is feeling some-more independent.