This Biologist’s Unique Photos Celebrate Mother Nature’s Playful Side

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This Biologist’s Unique Photos Celebrate Mother Nature’s Playful Side

When it comes to being a jack-of-all-trades, Phil Torres is an expert. With a LinkedIn form that would make usually about any reasonable tellurian feel inadequate, this charge biologist is also a TV host, a scholarship reporter, a universe traveller, and a gifted photographer.

Wildlife photos of any kind are flattering superb (especially when we cruise a fact that these photographers frankly proceed lions and stuff), though his images have a refreshingly humorous tilt.

Meet Phil Torres, everyone.

When he’s not holding overwhelming selfies with bugs on his face, he’s holding even cooler photos of animals in a furious usually doing their thing. Here are some of his best.

This bird is all of us as we shift on a corner of insanity.

It’s scientifically proven that redolence oxen know their best angles.

Research also suggests that starfish are, in his words, done adult of “ghostly hands in rubber gloves.” Seems legit.

Here we have a visible illustration of what Monday mornings feel like.

“If we have seen further, it is by station on a shoulders of giants.” Also, I’m short.

This is me perplexing to work out.

The sea lion chronicle of Beyonce did, in fact, arise adult like this.

I’m going to take a gash in a dim here and theory that this monkey’s cryptic uncle usually busted a ideally good family dinner.

Here’s how Internet trolls feel when they slip into your mentions.

This picture speaks to me on a devout level.

And if we didn’t consider that holding waggish candids of animals being absurd was cold enough, how would we feel if we told we that Phil Torres even detected a new species? Because he did.

Phil Torres

The small spider in this print is a usually non-human animal that can emanate a figure of another animal from scratch. Torres found this weird small man in Peru, so usually remember that when we start feeling too good about yourself.

Basically, Phil Torres is vital a dream and doing critical work in a process.

There’s approach some-more where that came from, folks. To learn some-more about Phil Torres and his many projects, be certain to check him out on Facebook. For unchanging updates and a daily sip of Mother Nature during her finest, follow Torres on Instagram!