This Boy Had No Friends Until Kind Strangers Got Him One He So Desperately Needed

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Evan has always had a tough time creation friends. Often bullied and abandoned since of kids not bargain because he competence act a bit differently, propagandize life has been tough on a autistic child.

This all altered when Hazel came into his life. The golden retriever is a competent use dog who was means to Evan and his family by kind strangers. They hoped a puppy would assistance him bond with other kids in school. Not usually is Hazel a reliable crony to Evan, though kids have started entrance adult to him during propagandize to pet her, joining with Evan during a same time.

My heart goes out to Evan and any other kids that have had to go by bullying. It’s good to hear that he has a reliable crony now who loves him only a approach he is.