This Cat Really, Really Doesn’t Want His Owner To Work Anymore

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I’ve substantially spent a final 20 mins or so procrastinating by browsing a internet, examination humorous cat videos, and articulate to my coworkers in a bureau chat.

If we have to work on a mechanism all day (and let’s be real, many of us do), we know how tantalizing it can be to remove yourself in a web’s many distractions. But some distractions are approach cuter than Facebook and Twitter.

The onslaught is so genuine if we work from home or your bureau allows pets, since fur babies adore monopolizing a attention. Take this cat, for example. The desirous sly unequivocally isn’t gratified that Dad works all a time, so he goes to good lengths to confuse him during each turn.


This worker clearly has to understanding with some changed problems during work each day, though we don’t consider he minds.