This Cheetah Cub And Her Puppy Pal Are Almost Too Adorable To Handle

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Last year, we introduced we to cheetah puppy Ruuxa and her puppy messenger Raina from a San Diego Zoo. Ruuxa was hand-raised by a zoo after being deserted by his mom, and Raina was brought in as his lifelong companion, assisting a cutie learn to consort and stay ease around humans during a zoo.

As it turns out, this isn’t all that uncommon! When a Wildlife Safari in Winston, Oregon, welcomed their new cheetah puppy to a pack, a mom was sadly incompetent to furnish adequate divert for a youngster. Taking her in, zoo workers named her Pancake after a approach cheetahs squash themselves down on their stomachs to relax. Now 6 months old, she’s been introduced to a dog messenger of her own: Dayo, another Rhodesian ridgeback pup, who spends his days personification and frolicking with his new encourage sister.

This video shows a darling animal twin entirely enjoying their new best friendship:

(source ZooBorns)

It might seem like an doubtful combination, though after saying them together, it’s transparent that dogs aren’t only man’s best friend. Head over to a Wildlife Safari website to see how we can devise a revisit to see a honeyed friends for yourself!