This Chef Was Just Frying Fish When He Did Something Totally Crazy

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Prem Kumar attracts thousands of business to his seafood grill in New Delhi, India, each day. While I’m certain a food tastes great, there’s something else that draws tourists and townspeople to this internal haunt, and it has to do with a approach he fries fish.

If that were all, though, maybe Mr. Kumar wouldn’t be so special. After all, he’s not a initial chairman to showcase this implausible skill. But when we learn how he accomplishes a feat, you’ll be repelled to find out that we can substantially do it, too…if we dare.


Kumar has scholarship to appreciate for his extraordinary talent, given this technique is an instance of a Leidenfrost effect. By submerging your hands in cold H2O only before fixation them into prohibited liquid, we can strengthen them from a boiling temperatures for a moment. The cold H2O turns into steam when it comes into hit with prohibited liquid, formulating a protecting separator between your palm and a heated heat.

But don’t let this tip detract from a sorcery of Kumar’s skill! Because we know as good as we do that not even scholarship could inspire us to drop the hands into a boiling-hot fryer.