This Creepy AF ’90s Clown Character Is Still Terrifying Today

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When we consider behind on my childhood, there are characters we will never forget.

Whether it’s Big Bird and Elmo from “Sesame Street” or Steve and Blue from “Blue’s Clues,” there are some extraordinary radio characters that have made my life. They’re partial of a reason we still adore radio today.

However, there are also copiousness of characters we don’t remember or never got to see. In a United Kingdom, for example, Mr. Blobby was on a late-night accumulation uncover that pranked celebrities. Even yet he’s not an tangible children’s character, a uncover told people he was, and now he has a cult following in a U.S.

Watch as Mr. Blobby entirely disturbs a contestants on this diversion show. Beyond his creepy jester looks, his voice is insane.


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Yikes. we consider I’ll hang with hairy monsters who learn me how to count to ten. Not that there aren’t copiousness of creepy kids’ characters from a States…