This Dog Hates Baths, So His Humans Came Up With The Ultimate Pet Hack

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There are so many dogs out there that hatred removing baths.

It’s a outrageous problem for pet owners who wish to keep their pups purify though carrying to contend a wiggly creature, reason them down, and somehow still rinse them. Honestly, I’ve never found a good resolution other than going to a groomer and profitable them to understanding with a fallout.

That is, until now. George a Saint Bernard hates removing baths, though his owners found a ideal approach to keep him distracted.

Here’s a tip to this pet hack. That things dirty on a wall? It’s peanut butter.

My mind is totally blown. What an inventive idea! So many dogs out there would adore to have such a juicy treat, and they competence not even comprehend it’s bathtime.