This Epically Cute 2-Year-Old Boy Thought He Was THE Guitar Hero

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What did we wish to be when we grew up? Most kids would adore to be a fireman, a football player, an astronaut, or maybe even a President of a United States. These aspirations aren’t too outward a area of possibility, either. After all, we can do anything we put your mind to.

One dream of many kids, however, is to turn a stone star. Personally, we consider this child has a leg adult on a competition. He’s already got a whole climax thing down.

(via Gabe White)

All this small child needs is a genuine guitar, some skills on a instrument, and a subsidy band, and he’s certain to be a subsequent large thing in rock. we already see a splendid destiny for him in a party world. Just demeanour during a song take over his body!