This Five-Minute Spinning Art Video Will Leave You Feeling Totally Relaxed

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Back in my high propagandize pottery class, we was propitious adequate to emanate a crappy, half-assed play with my common skills.

This man, on a other hand, transforms a soppy clay on a pottery circle into beautiful, ever-changing works of art. Like someone who used a coop or pencil to loll on paper, Russian artist Mikhail Sadovnikov uses his unclothed hands to emanate mesmerizing, perplexing patterns on a spinning aspect that morph with his movements.

Watch and suffer as Sadovnikov’s art changes seamlessly in front of your eyes. It’s as infrequently relaxing as it is trippy!


Feeling super relaxed? Same here. I’m so going to watch this video whenever we need a few mins to chill out.