This Frozen Fish Coming Back To Life Isn’t A Miracle, It’s Just Science

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What if we told we zombies are real…sorta. Alright, when we contend zombie here, I’m referring simply to a vital thing that was dead, and was afterwards brought behind to life, not a Hollywood-created undead that are on a hunt for brains.

In this specific case, I’m referring to animals that are solidified or froze to genocide though are brought behind to life after they’ve thawed.

I know, it sounds far-fetched, though it’s indeed happened a series of times. But where’s a proof, we say? Just watch a video next featuring a organisation of group bringing a really solidified fish behind to life…

This is severely amazing.

Of course, there is always a probability that this is a feign video. However, I’m not certain it’s a hoax. Last year, a family in Utah was means to move a solidified kitten behind to life by thawing it out and behaving CPR. Maybe this is a breakthrough we need to finally ideal cryogenic frozen for humans.