This Gas Station Clerk Acted On A Hunch And Ended Up Saving A Woman’s Life

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Do we ever only get a bad feeling in your tummy about someone or something? Have we ever gifted a conditions where we couldn’t assistance though feel a tangle in your stomach? We’ve all felt this approach during one time or another, though sometimes, these hunches save lives.

This gas hire clerk had that feeling one night. Manveer Komer saw a lady and a male travel into his store, conduct to a ATM, and buy cigarettes. He knew that something wasn’t right. He intervened, and as it turns out, a lady was unequivocally being kidnapped. Check out a rest of this implausible story in a video below.


(via Little Things)

This man devoted his tummy and incited out to be a hero. Good for him. I’m blissful all incited out okay, and I’m anxious that a rapist was thwarted. Crime doesn’t pay, folks!