This Girl Was Trying On Clothes When She Looked Down. What She Saw Sent Her Running.

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In Palatine, Illinois, military are on a hunt for a peeping Tom who attempted to film a teenager while she was perplexing on garments in a Target sauce room.

Allegedly, a lady had usually entered a wise room when she beheld a palm holding a dungeon phone underneath a door. Immediately, she began to scream, causing a male to rush a scene. As of now, a usually lead to his temperament are a few grainy shots from a store’s notice cameras.

Police are propelling others to come forward, observant that there competence “have been some other instances that might not have been reported, might not have been noticed.” To see more, check out a news news below.


Authorities are seeking anyone with information about a man’s temperament or other peeping Tom instances in a area to call a Palatine Police Department during 847-359-9000 or Crime Stoppers during 897-590-7867.

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