This Golden Does The Same Hilarious Thing Every Time Mom Or Dad Comes Home…LOL

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I can’t pronounce for everyone, though when we was younger my relatives used to move me tiny treats behind from vacations or work trips. Even if it was only a tiny bag of candy, it was fun to get a tiny benefaction from somewhere far, distant away. In retrospect, it competence have been a tiny bold when I’d go directly for a gift, rather than a acquire home hug, but…I have a feeling this puppy understands me.

“Yeah, hi, good to see you.”

Yeah, hi, good to see you.


“So, um, it’s in a bag then?”

So, um, it


“Let’s only have a look…”



“It’s gotta be in here somewhere!”



“Perfect, thanks! See we during dinner!”

Perfect, thanks! See we during dinner!


“P.S. you’re creation steaks, right?”

(source Thinknoodles)

Well, I’m certain she gave her father copiousness of kisses before a camera started rolling…?