This Guy Loves LEGO So Much That He Built A Working Guitar From Them

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When we was flourishing up, we desired personification with LEGO sets. (I’m going to go out on a prong and contend that I’m substantially not alone in that sentiment.) LEGO toys have been renouned for decades and they’re usually flourishing in popularity. Thanks to The LEGO Movie and LEGO stores opposite a country, LEGO lovers are entrance adult with new and artistic ideas for a toys each day.

This male is one of those innovators. What he combined with LEGO bricks is just…incredible.

And it’s entirely functional!


If we don’t wish that guitar, we might be fibbing to yourself — that thing is awesome! I’d adore to tag that mattock on and bust out a few solos. You know what? I’m only going to work on building my possess LEGO guitar!