This Guy Refused To Stop Smoking At The Pump, So An Employee Did Something Hilarious

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Doesn’t it make we insane when people negligence certain manners and put your (and other people’s) reserve in jeopardy? This gas hire worker would really contend yes.

It should be common clarity that smoking subsequent to gas stations is dangerous, though one man in Sofia, Bulgaria, didn’t seem to know or caring when he stopped by to fill a car’s tank. He placed a illuminated cigarette in his mouth as shortly as he got out of a vehicle, and when a attendant asked him to put it out, he refused.

That’s because a worker motionless to put out a cigarette for him.


Here’s an idea, friend — if we don’t wish a face full of froth subsequent time we go to a gas station, maybe don’t move something that could light a rarely incendiary liquid. Just a thought.