This Handy App Allows You To Get Free Wi-Fi Just About Anywhere — No, Seriously

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As many as I’d adore to repudiate it, a law stays that we live in a technology-dependent society.

No matter where we travel, a initial thing on my to-do list before we get staid in is find a Wi-Fi cue and bond all my inclination to a internet. In many cases, hotels will yield that information to you, though what if you’re out and about but web access?

Unlimited entrance to a Wi-Fi tie is only one download away. With a WiFi Map app we can fast find all a probable internet connectors in your area. All it takes is a daub of your finger and we have entrance to all their Wi-Fi passwords, too.

I had no thought something like this even existed!


This app could infer impossibly useful. Will we be perplexing it soon?