This Hilarious Dog Has NO DAMN IDEA How Hedgehogs Work

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Bringing new pets home is always a play when we have other critters using around.

Unless you’ve formerly introduced a animals beforehand, we never know either they’ll get along amazingly or duke it out as shortly as they meet. While this lady from Tokyo, Japan, didn’t have to understanding with anything as bad as a latter outcome, it’s protected to contend that her dog was super confused a initial time she got up-close and personal with her owner’s pet hedgehog.

Watch this extraordinary puppy try to make clarity of her new crony next while doing all she can not to be overwhelmed by a spiky small nugget. So cute!

Something tells me a darling span will do only excellent together as prolonged as this dog learns how to chill. Be certain to share this humorous video if your pets would conflict a same way!