This Horse Has The Best Four-Legged Trainer A Beautiful Mare Could Ever Ask For

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Dogs have been lerned to conduct plantation animals for centuries…but we customarily see Border Collies herding sheep or cows, not a yellow Labrador training a immature entertain equine mare.

Cookie a accessible puppy stepped in for a tutor when she had some other business to attend to, and Annie a equine happily obliged!

“You need your exercise!”

You need your exercise!

…But there’s always time for a small HORSE…ing around…get it?!

...But there's always time for a small around...get it?!

Get it? Did we hear me? HORSEing?

Get it? Did we hear me? HORSEing?

Watch a darling twin blow off some steam in this lovable clip.

(source 506Nancy)

Maybe Annie’s tutor should take days off a small some-more often…looks like she got utterly a workout! Plus, there’s zero wrong with a nice, prolonged diversion of tag, no matter what class (or how old) we are!

There are always some-more happy horses out there…luckily, we’ve got a integrate right here!

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