This Horse Race Was Well Underway When An Unlikely Visitor Joined In On The Action

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On your mark. Get set. HOP?

While everybody was focused on a equine competition in Australia, there was another animal out hopping along to take a crown. While spectators trafficked distant and far-reaching to take in a internal equine race, many were held off ensure when a a surprising critter motionless to get in on a action.

During a final competition of a day during a competition lane in Cessnook, a wandering Joey hopped a blockade and started to make a run for it as a champion horses and their jockeys battered along a track. Luckily for this marsupial, a well-spoken getaway was possible.

But with a ability to burst scarcely 15 feet in a singular hop, a small roo positively gave a horses a run for their money.

Flickr / Sinead Friel

On average, a kangaroo’s cruising speed is 20 miles per hour, though they can strech speeds of 30 miles per hour!

Flickr / Paul Morris

Check out a weird footage below!