This Hummingbird Was On The Brink Of Death, And You’ll Never Believe Who Saved It

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When we consider of animal rescue, we typically consider of humans rescuing dogs and cats, right?

Well, get prepared for a story that will spin each thought we once had about animal rescue on a head. Ed Gernon went to a rescue trickery and met a dog that he positively had to adopt. After stuffing out a required paperwork, he took a puppy home and named him Rex. The adoptee had issues with other dogs and cats, though underneath Gernon’s guidance, he overcame his amicable stress and aggression.

He’s now so friendly, in fact, that he’s even finished a small rescuing of his own. Gernon found Rex safeguarding an harmed hummingbird one day. He insincere that a bird was dead, though Rex wouldn’t leave a side. Watch what happened when Gernon stepped in.


It’s unsure for people to rehabilitate small birds like this one, though it really worked out for Ed Gernon, Rex, and Hummer! We wish this amicable contingent all a best.