This is a form of domestic corruption: Yogendra Yadav attacks AAP’s new advertisements

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New Delhi: In an descent opposite a Delhi supervision over a new advertisement, Swaraj Abhiyan personality Yogendra Yadav on Monday indicted a AAP supervision of indulging in “political corruption” by resorting to such means.

Yadav pronounced a supervision was regulating open income in glorifying one chairman notwithstanding a restrictions by a Supreme Court opposite such ads.

Yogendra Yadav. IbnliveYogendra Yadav. Ibnlive

Yogendra Yadav. Ibnlive

“This is a form of domestic crime as it is regulating a open income for a advertisments.

“The AAP had come to energy by earnest new form of politics. But by entrance adult with such advertisment, it is removing into a joining of Mayawati and Jayalalitha,” a former AAP leader, who was diminished from a celebration after he upped ante opposite Kejriwal, told reporters here.

Last week, another Swaraj Abhiyaan personality and activists counsel Prashant Bhushan in a array of tweets pronounced a ad amounted to a “crass” projection of Kejriwal detached from being “crude abuse” of funds, that was “against” a Supreme Court order.