This Is Definitely Not What You Want To Happen When You’re Inspecting A Boat

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Here’s how we feel about vast bodies of water:

And here’s how we feel about people frankly diving into vast bodies of H2O for extended durations of time:

So we can suppose my regard when we came opposite this video that was shot behind in 1991 by a few divers inspecting a shop-worn boat.

Of course, a vessel went forward and postulated repairs on a carcass instead of literally any other part, that meant that it had to be legalised from a water. “We done a arrogance that if a boat was tied up, a overpass wouldn’t spin on a [propellers],” one of a divers explained. “We were wrong.”

Oh, sugar bunches of NO.


I was about 80 percent over a sea before we watched this video, and I’ve strictly reached 100.

I’ll hang to dry land. Thanks.