This Is Quite Possibly The Longest Ingrown Hair Ever And we Can’t Stop Looking At It

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When we come opposite a YouTube channel run by someone famous as “Joe Gross,” we flattering many know what to design when we start examination his content.

That being said, this believe doesn’t unequivocally take divided from a startle value of his videos. One of a offbeat YouTuber’s many renouned (and many disgusting) clips shows him stealing an insanely prolonged ingrown hair from his face with a span of tweezers.

Seriously. It’s nasty, so fit up.

In a seductiveness of bringing we a best stories out there, we bravely watched this video so that we could benefaction it to you. It’s not for a gloomy of heart.

(via The Daily Mail)

Okay, I’ll acknowledge that we only threw adult in my mouth a small bit. Next time he develops a mass on his face, he should substantially only see a dermatologist.