This Is The Bizarre Thing Some People Do When They Fish For Octopuses

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Not many people can contend they killed their dishes with their unclothed hands…or in some cases, their teeth.

But when it comes to seasoned octopus hunters, chomping down on their catches is a common practice. As partial of local Hawaiian tradition, fishermen who locate octopuses will punch down where a mind is located, right between a creature’s eyes. I’m certain you’re meditative this sounds outrageous and maybe even cruel, though according to those who use this, it’s a quickest and many benevolent approach to kill them.

Here’s a proof of how it works. It usually takes a few seconds before a octopus is dead.


This father took his son to Ala Moana beach park in Hawaii to learn him a technique final month.


It’s surprisingly discerning and effective. People also know they’ve succeeded when a octopus turns white.