This Is The Most American Swarm Of Birds That You’ll Ever See

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Did we know that Benjamin Franklin suggested a turkey as a inhabitant bird? Our story competence be a lot opposite if we had a turkey as a country’s pitch instead of a bald eagle. Recently, a bald eagle has befallen a terrible tragedy, as it is now deliberate an involved species. Many trust that this is since of wickedness and man-made, mortal forces.

You wouldn’t know they were involved by looking during a behind of this truck, though. A overflow of bald eagles raided a parked truck, and it’s a many American thing you’ll ever see.

(via YouTube)

If that didn’t make we feel patriotic, maybe we should leave a U.S.A. That’s a bird, this is a country, and we expostulate hulk pickup trucks. we can’t consider of anything some-more American than that.

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