This Is What It Looks Like When Massive Earthquakes Devastate A Country

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Last week, as you’ve substantially heard, Japan was rocked by dual vital earthquakes. The initial was a bulk 6.5 earthquake, and a second was a bulk 7.3 shock that shook a island 28 hours later. Officials are still calculating a repairs and a central genocide fee (which now stands during 48), though unnecessary to say, things are not looking good for a people of Kyushu, that is a country’s southernmost island.

Watch what happened when these people sent their worker over Kyushu. The footage gives us a bird’s-eye perspective of a extinction that was left in this disaster’s wake.


(source: The Star Online)

Our hearts go out to everybody in Japan. All we can do is wish that a Japanese supervision works tirelessly to safeguard that life goes behind to normal as fast as possible.